Our Company

Who we are

Our Background

Markidis & Co. after a 60 year's experience into confectionery's raw materials, has managed to create a distinctive range of premium products which thrive in quality and taste.

Despite the fact that new products come up every season, Markidis & Co. can ensure that every product is crafted into the highest standards of quality and also being capable to breath inspiration.

Our Goals

The main values that Markidis has set and has been carrying throughout its history are the continuous quality improvement in every aspect of its confectionary business, responsibility to its customers and proper respect to its employees and partners. These are embeded and thoughtfully balanced in its corporate strategy towards a long-term vision of continuity.

Quality is judjed by the company as the most essencial factor which can differentiate the offerings of the firm from its competition. In “Markidis” organization, quality has become an inseparable part of the company's sweetened products as it has been prevailing throughout its supply chain system (from the collection of raw materials until the delivery of end-products). From the very start of process, the finestand most premium ingredients are collected and carefully processed with upscale techniques to give excellent confections with soft taste. However, for Markidis, quality is not just the inner excellence into products but also conformity to customer requirements. Markidis company has served as the model of consistent product delivery. Incorporating the traditional production philosophy of industry, Markidis has been succesfull all those years in delivering quality consistent confection and pastry products backed up with caring and individualized attention to its customers.

Our Team

The employees of an organization are the most valuable resource which should be effectively managed and respected if the organization's corporate goals are to be achieved. Markidis places great emphasis on its corporate staff, and for this purpose, it employs qualified people with rich experience and great expertize in the art of confectionery. In addition, it has developed mechanisms to the encouragement and reward of employee discretion, empowerment and participation. This has resulted in the formation of an open corporate climate and a value created cooperation among Markidis employees.

In that way, our company'’s personnel gets more actively involved in the decision-making, shows higher zeal for culinary perfection and customer service and holds a deeper orientation toward firmwide problems and goals.


Production Line

The manufacturing system of Markidis mainly consists of three primary production lines which take up sixty five per cent of the company’s production capacity. Having decades of experiences in confectionary manufacturing, the company has been immerced in the production of fruit-based confectionaries, chocolate-asociated and bakery-purpose products.

Fruit-based products in turn, are further divided into two additional production lines, the fruit process and the manufacturing of confectionery raw materials such syrups, jams, toppings and fillings. From its highly automated moulding to high-tech chocoate enrobing mashines, the company guarantees unobstructed flow progress of the most delicate chocolate products.

Additionaly, its dedicated and highly upscale fruit coating, filling and cutting equipement ensures that the specific task process is carefully carried out with painstaking perfection, thus providing standardization, uniformity and eventually confectionary fruits, jams and fillings of intrincic value. Together with its main production lines, the firm runs a number of ancilarry ones such sugar almond and chocolate sugar almond manufactoring, as well as seasonal confections and receipies of traditional Greek sweets which hold an equall worth in terms of quality of product and appeal to customer, within it.

Aiming to control the whole production process, we have also invested heavily in the establishement of a brand new and high-scale style production and packing line. Whithin the line, a large number of packaging formats are utilised from small packages such sachets, bagging, flow wrapping,bulletin, vases to bulk-purpose buckets which can cater adequately the overall gammut of our products given the specific type and volume of each one.


Located in the area of Aspropyrgos with a built-up area of 4000 sq metres, our company's plant is a modern and full-equiped purpose built facility with state-of-the art machinery that ensures a fully automated processes. The decision on siting was made by taking into account two important factors, the availability of transport and inputs.

The building instalations of the company are located in a area which permits an easy access to a good transportation network (national roads, port of Piraeus-Patras, El Venizelos Airport) and close proximity to the firm’s main suppliers. However, the best use of materials, personnel and equipement in performing a task and also for establishing the ‘work content’ of that task is mainly subjected to the design and the layout of the transformation facilities.

Operating in automated production enviroment, our machinery and equipement have been laid out in a way to serve the needs of the product and of the process.